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SkyDrive comes to Xbox 360

By On Dec 13,2012 02:51 pm Email

SkyDrive comes to Xbox 360
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Microsoft has launched a SkyDrive app for the Xbox 360. The latest SkyDrive app will allow users to upload content to Microsoft’s cloud storage service from PCs and mobile devices and view it on the gaming console. This increases the integration between other devices based on Microsoft’s operating systems and the gaming console. The app enable users to view images, videos and documents on the TV that is connected to the Xbox, said Microsoft in a blog post.

“Starting today, we’re bringing even more value to SkyDrive and Xbox customers with a new SkyDrive app for Xbox 360. This means your favorite content is now only one click away, whether you are using the web, your PC, your phone, or now, even your big screen TV,” said  Mike Torres, group program manager, SkyDrive apps in a blogpost.

The app is also compatible with Kinect voice controls, gestures and even remote and game controller. The new storage service will also be compatible with non-Microsoft products.

Microsoft’s cloud based storage service, SkyDrive competes globally with many cloud storage services like Google’s Drive, Apple’s iCloud and Dropbox.

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