SYGNAL smart fitness T-shirt introduced

09-02-2017 Vanshika Malhotra


SYGNAL smart fitness T-shirt introduced

Broadcast Wearables, a startup based in Hyderabad has introduced the SYGNAL T-shirt, which is claimed to be the world’s first smart fitness T-shirt with navigation.

The T-shirt performs various functions such as tracking steps, tracking the number of floors climbed, calories burned, distance covered, along with offering navigation to different locations. The smart fitness T-shirt can be paired up with an app (which is available for both the Android and iOS users) for users to carry out the aforementioned functions.

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The SYGNAL T-shirt is accompanied by two built-in vibration sensors on both the shoulders that help in easy navigation without the need to look into the smartphone. For instance, if the user has to turn left, the vibration sensor on the left shoulder will activate, for the user to act accordingly.

The smart fitness T-shirt also comes with a magic controller situated at the nape of the neck. The controller will allow the user to sync the T-shirt the app via Bluetooth. The T-shirt can go on for three to five days on single charge. It also comes with a soft switch on the sleeve in order to turn it off or on. Additionally, the SYGNAL T-shirt is water resistant, hence it can be washed.

The SYGNAL smart fitness T-shirt can be grabbed via for Rs 2,499.

For your knowledge, FuelADream is a Bengaluru-based startup that is crowdfunding Broadcast Wearables for the company to extend its reach.

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