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LAVA to launch 3 new XOLO smartphones

By On Oct 3,2012 02:02 pm Email

LAVA to launch 3 new XOLO smartphones
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LAVA international is all set to expand its LAVA smartphone line-up with the addition of 3 new XOLO smartphones this year. The company’s co-founder, S.N. Rai said, “We will be launching 1 new XOLO smartphone on October and 2 new XOLO smartphones in December this year.”

The latest XOLO smartphone line-up will also have world’s fastest smartphone running on 2.4 GHz processor. XOLO smartphone is being co-developed by LAVA and Intel. Intel is providing the reference designs for the XOLO smartphones, while LAVA develops and designs the product.

Rai added that the XOLO project has been kept separate due to its high end segmentation. At present, LAVA’s smartphone possesses 10 percent market share in the $200 price segment, and 4 percent market share in $400 price segment. The XOLO smartphone line-up will be priced between Rs 15-40,000.

Lava also plans to go international with XOLO and upcoming smartphone line-ups. Additionally, the company will also invest 5 percent of the revenue on Research and Development


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