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Facebook brings social calling service “˜Party Call’

By On Nov 23,2012 05:02 pm Email

Facebook brings social calling service “˜Party Call’
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Orange Telecom in partnership with Facebook rolls out Party Call social calling service

The social network giant, Facebook in partnership with Orange telecom has launched an app, called “˜Party Call‘. The social calling app will allow users to call their friends via mobile or desktop. The service dubbed as “˜Party Call‘ will be launched in France in summers of 2013.

However, the Skype and Facebook integration is limited to desktops and tablets only. If Orange’s mobile experience does well it could prompt Facebook to build a similar app.

The French telco’s move is also seen as a direct competition with services such as Skype and WhatsApp. And we could see more of such future collaborations that lead to major integrated services, similar to how Facebook works with Skype.

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