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Talk in Tech Corners

By On May 18,2015 01:15 pm Email

Talk in Tech Corners
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Android Wear to get a big update?

 Even as the Apple Watch goes on sale on April 24, rumour is rife that Google will be releasing one of the most comprehensive updates to Android Wear, its operating system for wearable devices, ever seen. As per some of the rumours, the update will facilitate smoother interaction, better voice recognition and will even support gestures, letting you do certain tasks with a flick of your wrist. The update is also expected to encourage more developers to come out with apps for Google’s wearables platform by enabling them to take better advantage of different sensors on smartwatches.

YU Yuphoria specs speculation rife

 As we go to print, YU, the brand which represents Micromax’s tie-up with Cyanogen in India has announced that it will be releasing a second device, after the very successful Yureka. The device was codenamed Caesar and has now been officially titled Yuphoria. As there is no information available about the specs of the device, speculation is rife about them and its price. At the time of writing, most people were of the opinion that the device would actually be priced in the vicinity of Rs. 7,000 and would be slightly lower specced than the Yureka, although it would run on a 64-bit processor and have a 720p display. What is certain is that it will come with Cyanogen 12 out of the box.

Nokia coming back into phones?

 We are hearing rumours that Nokia is slowly readying itself to make a comeback in the smartphone arena. The company had sold its mobile phone business to Microsoft and its sole product since then had been an Android tablet. However, if our sources are to be believed, the company is readying a number of Android phones which will come with its own interface and evidently will be targeted at the mid and lower price segments. The company is expected to highlight the camera and navigation as the devices’ core strengths. Hardly surprising, is it?

A gaming phone… from Microsoft?

 If some of our acquaintances in the tech industry are to be believed, Microsoft is the latest company to have been bitten by the “˜gaming phone’ bug (Nokia, Sony, Micromax and a few others have tried their hands at the same in the past). As per these worthies, the Redmond company is looking to come out with a phone that showcases the Xbox gaming experience. It is expected to sport a full HD 6.0-inch display, have 2 GB RAM, and will be surprisingly affordable too, while coming in some very funky colours. We are so keeping our fingers crossed for this.

Apple to unleash an iPhone 6c?

 The rumours about a new iPhone to be released this summer refuse to go away. We are now hearing that Apple will be releasing a device with a plastic back and a 4.7-inch display with specs similar to the iPhone 6, and it will be called the iPhone 6c. Considering the fact that the company’s previous experiment in this regard with the iPhone 5c was not exactly a huge success, we must confess to taking this news with a pinch of salt. However, the sheer persistence of the rumours make us wonder if Cupertino might actually be looking at a more mainstream iPhone.

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