Oakter Smart Home Kit Review

06-03-2017 Vanshika Malhotra


Oakter Smart Home Kit Review

With lethargy taking a toll on us, getting out of the bed to turn off or on any switch is a struggle we face,  everyday. Indigenous company, Oakter, tries to solve the long-emerging problem with its Smart Home Kit, under the ‘Made in India’ venture.

Now, with the much-talked-about concept of Internet of Things or IoT, being able to command the far-off switchboard with your near and dear smartphone is definitely something we desire. This is what the Smart Home kit from Oakter does.

In order to commence with the whole thing, you first need to set up the controlling Hub which is provided in the kit. Setting up the hub is quite simple. Firstly, you need to download the Oakter app which is available for Android and iOS users and them connect the hub with you Wi-Fi, with the LED on the hub turning orange once it gets connected. After configuring your Smart Home kit by registering your e-mail id with the app, you are good to go. The other two units of the kit- the 16 AMP socket and the 6 AMP socket also come with LED lights. When connected to the switch board, the LED will turn white to notify that the sockets receive power. Once connected, the LED on the switches turn amber.


While the 16 AMP socket is ideal for huge appliances like microwave oven or A/C, the 6 AMP socket suits the mobile charging and the use of other smaller appliances. Additionally, the Home Kit further allows the user to schedule the process of switching on or off of electronic appliances. The app also sends you notifications via mail when the setup gets disconnected or reconnected.

This kind of setup is obviously great for people with old age dawning upon them or for the sick ones. It even works over the 2G network and you are not required to be in the proximity of the setup to stay connected.

Conclusively, the idea of wirelessly controlling your electrical appliance sounds good, given the fact that the availability of IoT-run devices is still a challenge in India.

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